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Summary in english


The Initiative for Reforms (hereafter “The Initiative”) in IRC (Islamic Religious Community) of RM (Republic of Macedonia) began its fight against deviant activities of a group oligarchs that function in IRC – the only religious Islamic institution in the country – their activity aims devaluation, demissionarisation and destruction of the Institution.  The Initiative was launched by a group of IRC’s employers on May 2015. After one year period, the Initiative shares its platform. to the wide public.

Objectives of the Initiative for Reforms in IRC

  1. Functionalization and professionalization of IRC based on the Constitution and in other acts of its bodies and institutions;
  2. Restoration of the solidarity and institutional spirit, the revival of hope and confidence in IRC, by returning its weight as a relevant factor in society;
  3. Protection of the identity and historical values of the IRC from any deformation that can be done in the name of religion, which violates the religious nature of this institution.

The initiative will achieve the objectives through:

  • Strengthening IRC’s institutions and professionalism and avoiding any attempt aiming to transform it into a simple association owned by a group of oligarchs, that have testified that are prone to devaluation, defactorization and destruction of this Institution;
  • Auditing of the finance sector, through professional and state audits as well as bringing to justice all financial abusers which have extorted the property and sacred wealth of the IRC;
  • Establishing mechanisms for sustainable economic development, which will enable religious and human activities, develop religious life, revitalize and cultivate the sense of solidarity, as the Holy Quran and Hadith of our Prophet Muhammad a.v.s. order us;
  • Restoring of IRC’s institutional weight in the eyes of the international community and its well-deserved positioning in all conferences and religious and Islamic international organizations to which IRC has acceded up to date;
  • Maintening of religious facilities, training of human resources and professional qualification of the IRC to worthily serve to the country’s Muslim believers and diaspora as well;
  • The realization of all promises and goals set forth in programs of professional competitors to occupy leading positions after full reformation of IRC;
  • Redimensioning of the appropriate measures for employment of professional personnel, fight against corruption, nepotism, the revitalization of humanism, charity, organization and professional approach in developing and carrying out any action or religious activity;
  • Developing publishing activity;
  • Support and permanent commitment in the fight against corruption and the capture of IRC by oligarchs and unscrupulous persons who hide their activity under Islamic religious garb;
  • The Initiative, as soon as having “de jure” possibility, will launch the legal initiative for the verification and publication of the monetary wealth of any IRC’s current oligarchs or even members of the Initiative. Issuing the claims against whether actual positions’ occupants or reformists to legitimize illegal seizure of assets and rights of any sentence for abusers;
  • Establishing various associations, such as associations of young Muslims, Muslim women, union of imams, etc. It will increase the participation of a much broader representation of the country’s Muslims in decision-making processes.

Skopje, May 2016